The Journal

Metal, stone and reveries


Dark Moon
On the New Moon I went into the studio and created the Dark Moon larvikite and bronze statement earrings.
Headed East
We packed up the car, rounded up our pup and headed out one early morning in mid October.  We drove through hills, past a nuclear power plant, and over many rivers. We drove east as far as you can go in Tennessee, and in Tennessee that means landing in the arms of the Appalachian mountains.
I haven't been up to these mountains as much as I'd like lately. I've felt too busy and thought it too...
Winter Solstice

Solstice fires burn bright on the longest night.  
We write down the things we are letting go of.
Turn them over to the flame.
We say a prayer while clasping each others hands.
Thankful for what we have.
Thankful for each other.

Happy Solstice to you all~
End of December





 A walk through the deciduous forest in late December.  
 Intention setting
 Bird gazing
 Hand holding
 and most of all

I'll see you in the New Year.