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Terra - Lapis Lazuli

$32.00 USD

The Terra earrings are ruggedly charming girls composed of sterling silver and 8mm round faceted lapis lazuli stones flecked with pyrite. All sterling has been lovingly rubbed for a deliciously dramatic patina, a wonderful complement for the lapis. These girls will be unique each time they are made due to the wondrous process of earth’s development of her stones. My own hand crafted sterling silver ear wires will appoint these girls in a lovely way from your ears. All of this, and Terra is also very lightweight. Organic, rugged gorgeousness!

♦ Terra In Detail ♦
Length: Approximately 1 7/16"
Metal: Sterling silver
Surface Appeal: Oxidized, brushed
Beads: Lapis Lazuli, 8mm faceted rounds

From the realms
of Terra
Lush texture, vivid color
Pictures finding their way
Impressed into stone
Stories of the journey
of the development
of Her
For the generations to come