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Fringed Circle

$80.00 USD

The Fringed earrings are wonderfully rustic girls handcrafted from sterling silver, great for everyday wear~


Fringed features my four of my trademark sterling silver fringed beads, designed and handcrafted completely by me in my studio here in Tennessee. I’ve wire wrapped the fringe beads to wonderfully rugged, hammered circles I forged from sturdy 16 gauge sterling silver wire. Fringed is appointed from your earlobes with my sterling silver handcrafted ear wires. All sterling silver has been given a patina to add depth and bring out the textures present in these lovely earrings.


♦ Fringed in Detail ♦
Length: Approximately 1 3/4"
Size: Circles are approximately 7/8" in diameter
Metal: Sterling Silver
Surface appeal: Hammered, oxidized, brushed