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The Eden earrings are born of my obsession with the Forest. Vines entwining themselves around trees and stumps, only letting go with the most persistent of persuasions. The green of life reaching for rays of sun, ever upward. The quiet strength that speaks of a warrior's spirit to persist, in the face of those who would demolish her.


I've forged the Eden earrings from a substantial gauge of sterling silver, entwined for the appearance of vines. Hammered for lush texture and given a patina that has been brushed back for a satin finish. Leaf jasper tear drops adorn these girls, wonderfully, verdantly green with flecks of darker greens making their appearance. My own handmade sterling silver beads add lovely movement for these wonderfully long and eye catching ladies.


For the Forest Lovers.


♦ Eden In Detail ♦
Length: Just under 3"
Metal: Sterling silver
Surface appeal: hammered, oxidized, brushed
Stone: Leaf Jasper


* Made to order *