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The Portofino earrings are handmade from sterling silver forged into hoops and lovely sea green fluorite nuggets.


I've never been to Portofino, but I've seen pictures. The bright and festive colors were lovely. The incredible blue green of the sea against the pinks, yellows and oranges of the surrounding buildings gave the pictures a sense of tranquility touched with a vibrancy of life.


I've forged a sturdy gauge of recycled sterling silver into circles and connected them. Each earring is adorned with a fluorite nugget of the most gorgeously translucent sea green. I've given these earrings a very heavy patina, almost black. It allows the fluorite to take center stage with the perfect contrast of color and darkness.


Wonderful statement earrings!


♦ Portofino In Detail ♦
Size: Length is approximately 3". Larger circles are just over 1" in diameter. Smaller circles are just under 1" in diameter.
Metal: Sterling silver
Surface Appeal: Oxidized, tumbled for shine


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