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The Garden Path Earrings are heat treated girls full of color, handcrafted from copper and sterling silver~


I think I’ll take a turn down the garden path,
where the colors are so vivid and the scent is deliciously heady.
I’ll lay in verdant fields with my face to the sun.
I’ll sift through memories of past exquisiteness and cherish every single, little one.
And dreaming of future times and the surprises that will inherit them,
I’ll drift off to sleep with the scent of the wildest flowers adorning the atmosphere.


The Garden Path earrings are delightfully heady girls, full of color and transmitting a delicious glow. I handcrafted these girls from copper sheet, sawed, pounded, dapped and filed by my own hands. I then heat treated them for the gorgeous patina you see here. My own hand forged sterling silver ear wires, hammered lightly for texture and left bright for contrast, will hang these girls delicately and securely from your ears. Very vibrant. Very lightweight.


Please keep in mind that the process of heat treating yields different results every time. This is the beauty of the process! While your earrings will have the necessary characteristics to form the girls pictured, the patterns of color will be different…. but no less dazzling~


The Garden Path Earrings are just a little over 2” in length.


A made to order item.


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