With a Fan and a Strut

Animals. I love them. You know I do. I take pictures of animals all the time and try to remember to put them on this blog, a little ode to the littlest bits and the bigger bits that make me so happy to love.

On this blog you've seen horses like the gorgeous Reno:

Wild turkeys found on the Natchez Trace (one of my fav pictures I've ever taken!)

Kits. Because I love my cats.

But, you've never seen peacocks on here.....That doesn't mean I'm not fascinated by those glorious creatures. I've just not had an opportunity to capture their prettiness on film.

So I decided to try another way to sing a little ode them, in the form of these girls:

Gorgeousness all around. Sterling adorned with precious little paua shells with color reminiscent of the spray of feathers on a peacock. My favorites right now, but of course, my latest design is nearly always my new favorite!

t's cold cold cold and looks like it could snow in Tennessee right now. Any minute. I'm not ready for this yet, but I don't think I have much choice~ So, this weekend I'm looking forward to barricading myself in the studio for copious amounts of time. I have a date with a swanky piece of Arizona turquoise and I can't wait!

I'm also hoping to see a friend, someone I've been missing for four (4!) years. Yikes! That's a long time folks and I'm not really equipped to miss a person dear to me for that long.... are any of us? Sometimes you have no choice and your heart must deal and heal.

When I found out this person was near again, I immediately conjured this piece.

Because I thought the distance and space between us was near to being too far to be bridged. I'm so glad I was wrong.

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