Weekend Happenings

I had a wonderful, amazing, delicious weekend with friends… I haven’t had so much fun and light-heartedness in SUCH a long time. I hope yours was just as great~

I started off by taking a drive on the Natchez……

I wondered which way I should go. I have sometimes seen eagles traversing the skies in the one direction, but I have not yet been in the other …..

I finally made my mind up, and after driving for a little bit with the windows down and waving to the various park workers I came upon, I made it to Leiper’s Fork….

little town off the Natchez with wonderful little shops and plenty of open fields where horses come to the fence and blink at you to say hello~

Friday night was a dinner party at Sharla’s house, the
same friend I mentioned before who turned me on to the wonder of beads…. She's also a GREAT cook: stuffed chicken, the best sweet-potatoes in the world, Ben’s hominy that no one else had ever had before (Thanks Ben, it was great!), corn and then the decadence of chocolate, caramel and other delightful things mixed into a dreamy fondue that we sat around and exclaimed over for about 20 minutes of fruits and marshmallows dipped and eaten.

So good…..

The next day I worked on a few things in the studio including a new pair of earrings that will go up in the shop this evening. I’m so excited about this pair because the idea for these has branched into other things too….. This is a picture of the beads that were used.

Racy Fire Agate, so bold and with patterns all over the place on them…..

After a sushi dinner with my lovely friend Denice, and then later a movie with my mother (The Prestige, we were both shocked by the ending!), I can honestly say that this has been one of the best weekends ever~

To see how the fire agate was used, check the shop this evening.. These girls are out of this world!

And a little note to all of you that have voted on the survey so far… a big HUGE THANK YOU! I’m keeping close watch to see how people feel about this, so every vote counts…

Over and out~

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