The Well

Someone asked me a bit ago what I do when the inspiration dries up. I think it happens to most of us at times, the ideas just seem to go and you’re left thinking “will I EVER design (or write, or paint, or whatever it is you do~) again? It used to happen to me a lot in the beginning.

I was just getting my feet wet in the world of designing jewelry. I hadn’t yet checked into all of the possibilities.

I also wasn’t sure of a direction, but I knew I loved to create. I always have. It’s not always been jewelry. I’ve been a writer for a long time now and it happens on and off with that also.

Just like with writing though, I found what I needed for inspiration when the well seems to run dry. And then it runs over.

I head for the hills. Not just any hills… These hills.

And within these hills is a cove where I go and can see and experience some of the grandest things and feelings I’ve ever had.

When I go there, the ideas seem to tumble over themselves, running through my consciousness, bleeding through the seams. I always bring a sketch pad because I’ve learned what happens and I don’t want to be caught unaware.

There’s nothing like standing in the middle of an open field with the mountains all around you, deer and horses peeking through the wildly growing grass and eagles flying overhead to make one feel the enormity of it all. I never get tired of the feeling. It’s the same one I get when I think about space and its galaxies, the sheer magnitude of what goes on out there, things we have no idea about.
I guess it’s an opening of myself to the possibilities… I let the things that are crowding the ideas out….go. A release so that the beauty can find its way in again.
I’ve heard one of my favorite artists say that she’s just the receiver and she translates what she receives for others to hear.

I go to those mountains so that I can listen and receive and then hopefully translate what I feel and experience into metal and stone, color and texture, contrast and substance.

Where do you go when your well seems to run dry?

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