The view was amazing

This weekend my mother and I took a drive on the Natchez Trace.

We stopped several times at the lookouts, and the views were gorgeous. We saw little hints that fall will be arriving soon to Tennessee. I hope the colors are as vivid this year as they were last year.

But the weekend didn’t start exactly as I planned. I rode Friday at the farm and was working with Arthur, who is usually my sweet good boy, an extremely loving horse. Friday night he decided to put me to the test. We were trotting in the arena and he took me into a stall despite all of my efforts to keep him in line! We’ve got some work to do this week~ But I still love that sweet boy, spirit is good~

I’m working on new designs that are fall inspired and will hopefully have them ready by the first of next week.

I’m so happy about the response to the giveaway! The comments are great, I’ve loved reading them. You all have some great places to visit and have given me some ideas on where to go next.

I’ll announce the winner this coming Friday afternoon, so check back!

I hope you had a great weekend!



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