The Verdant Season

This year’s Verdant Season collection is in progress.

This is what I have so far:



Some have sold, others are still waiting for their forever home.  You can tap the photos to be taken to the Verdant Season collection page.

This is always  a special one for me…one of the first cabochons I bought when I began  this journey was a moss agate stone. 

It still resonates today just as much as it did 13 years ago.


I’m stating the intention here to do my best to post on this blog weekly.

Over the past year when I’ve been so involved with Instagram, I’ve found myself remembering when I first began trying to market my work… in the beginning we handmade/diy’ers/etc. all had blogs. For whatever reason, it felt more intimate. There was a feeling of meeting a friend at a coffee shop (or wherever’s your fancy) and having a conversation - an exchange.  

For me, it lent itself more to the slow living that is so craved for now (by some).

We’ll see how this combination of Instagram and the blog goes.  I’m also updating the On The Bench section of the site more frequently.  Let me know what you’d like to see…






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