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I spoke in a previous post about how I've been experimenting with textures...developing patterns on metal with different objects. I gotta say, it’s a lot of fun swinging hammers. I am after all a girl who loves tools and hammers are awesome.

The following girls are more products of these experiments.

Freia. She's my free-spirited, southwestern girl. The combination of turquoise and coral is one I've loved for as long as I can remember. It’s one of those combinations that brought home to me just how much love I have for the more rugged stones over the "tameness" of the stones that may be more synonymous with "fine" jewelry. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate those refined ladies... but the stones that look as if they just came up from the earth, even when polished, like turquoise, jaspers, jades, agates (there are so many!), etc....They have a wildness that *thrills* me.

Jakocia are my newest post earrings. I'll be honest, I've been wearing these everyday...not even taking them off to sleep. They're that comfortable!

The story for these girls was inspired partly by the lines of maybe. I'm a huge fan of Robert Jordan's work in the Wheel of Time. I'm not usually much for Fantasy novels, but his imagination and the world he built in these books had me from the second I started reading his work years ago....and the story is still being told (by another writer, as Mr. Jordan has passed away)~

One of the things he created in this series is a place that exists were all of the turns we might've taken, but did not...the choices we might have made, but instead chose the path we're on now... A place where all of those choices and turns are played out, sort of a parallel universe layered with the worlds those different choices would make.

The Jakocia earrings (the name is one I imagined for these girls) are patterned with lines where some intersect, some turn sharply away from each other and others run parallel… for a time. They create a pattern that is unique every time. Just as our choices, all of them, the one's we might have made and the one's that we have made that lead us to now aren’t going to be exactly the same, step for step, as the next person’s.

I hope you’ve had an awesome week! Mine’s been crazy… getting ready for something new (and exciting!!) that’s happening tomorrow…I’ll tell you all about it next week at some point~

Happy Friday (I'm so glad this week is over)!



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