Tale of an Armadillo

Ok. So I don’t know a whole lot about armadillos, guess I need to check out Wikipedia~ But when I made these earrings the other day and showed them to my mother, the first thing she said was, “They remind me of an armadillo!” And then of COURSE the next thing she said was that she loved them (the earrings)…. because she’s my mother? Nah, she’d tell me the truth!

Anyway, that gave me the name for these girls,(
The Armadillo's Pad) whose creation was a trial and error labor of sheer determinedness. Who knew that trying to make bead caps to fit specific beads would be so difficult? But, as always in this metalsmithing adventure of mine, I learned a lot and will be able to use the knowledge gained later on. And I do love these earrings! I’ve never seen anything quite like them and of course I love copper, in any of the many finishes that can be created. I laid a dark patina on these to lend a rustic feel to them and the agate bead clinging to the bottom adds a nice bit of color.

In other store news, I’ve also created
Essential Connections. The idea for
these was born from my need for something to wear with anything. Because we girls all need earrings like that, right? I have been wearing them with everything too, and because they’re so lightweight they are extremely comfortable. And they're swanky too, you should see them swing!

More girls in the shop today or tomorrow!



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