Survey Says!

I'm making my first foray into polls. There was a discussion on the Etsy forums yesterday about whether or not jewelry for sale should be photographed on a person. I'm interested myself in this, seeing as I sell jewelry and want those interested in buying from me to be able to tell exactly what they're getting. If photographing it on a person helps you out, then I would like to know that. If it turns a large number of people off, then I want to take that into consideration. Obviously I'm not photographing on people right now mainly because I don't have a model and I'm not too keen on being that model, but I'll do it if it helps people get a feel for how the jewelry looks on.

The poll is in the upper right hand corner of this blog, so take a look and let me know how you feel!

This poll runs until Friday, May 2nd so you have plenty of time to decide...

Thanks bunches!


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