Snow Day

Snow DayThis is what I woke up to this morning.

We finally have a little snow in Middle Tennessee! All the children have lifted up their voices with joy and excitedly exclaim, "SNOW DAY!" Those of us that have to work, well, not so much... Some or most of us still have to go~

Here are my beautiful boys, Jupiter and Baxter.
Jupiter and  Baxter

Aren't they lovely? I so love my cats; they are a joy and wonderful companions who keep me entertained all the time with their escapades. It is very good that I have a studio now, which they are not allowed in, because one of their favorite things to do used to be seeing how much they could get in to while I was working. Problem solved! This picture shows them at one of the few times they are still and peaceful during the day. Usually they are fighting (playfully, of course) and stalking each other or ME. It's all good, I love my cats!

Stay warm!

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