Return from the coast

I’m back from a mini-vacation visiting wonderful friends on the coast of North Carolina.

It was just what I needed….To recharge….To be inspired….
The sunsets were amazing….

The overcast days only showed just how beautiful North Carolina really is…. Those clouds added a certain moodiness that was gorgeous for atmosphere.

Little furry buddies to walk with me to the water….

And there, way in the distance, can you see? It’s the Intercoastal Waterway

No gators in those waters, but we did visit friends who have gators swimming in the water behind their home. It was too late that night to go paddle boating….I wasn’t upset…..not too sure I could hang with that sort of danger lurking in the deeps.

I appreciate you and I’m having fun with these new techniques~

An amazing little copper shop where a kind woman was willing to share some of her knowledge on finishes.

Broadway on the Beach. Impressions of color, joy, laughter… And the guys waiting on the benches while their ladies shopped the evening away. Didn’t feel too bad for them. Margaritaville was only right around the corner.

I’m back and I’ve got bunches of ideas to put into metal. I can’t wait to show you or myself what comes...

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