Real World

I'm back from a short but restful vacation and ready to face all of the things I left behind momentarily. I love the beach and it was so nice to simply relax, watch the sky, watch the waves, and watch the beautiful surfer boys catching the waves.... It doesn't get much better than that; top it off with wonderful friends and great seafood and you have pure bliss.

I HAVE been working, though.... I posted the
Star Dust earrings last week... I love these. They are my first pair of post earrings and I’m excited because I've always loved posts and it’s nice to be able to make them now. The mixture of metals in these is pretty awesome too... Brass, oxidized and bright sterling silver.... So pretty and kinda dazzling too. I've been wearing them all the time and have gotten quite a few compliments on them.

I've also created the Fest necklace which I wore continuously in Florida... It just says "Beach" to me. I can see surfer girls (and any girl in general ;-)) wearing this while catching waves or playing volleyball... or simply lounging around on the sand (which I did). This girl really does have a festive touch to her with all the colorful glass beads and nifty shapes.

Still working on the rings. I found some BEAUTIFUL cabochons I can’t wait to get wrapped up and set….coming soon!

Until I find my way to this blog of mine again,


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