Photo Experimentation

I'm late to the party.

I just discovered all the crazy awesome photo editing apps the Iphone has.....Oh my goodness, I've been having so much fun! I'll do my best not to wear this blog out in the future with photo experiments, but I've got to dedicate a post to it today....and then I'll bring it out only every once in a little while ;-)

Stormy straight out of my IPhone camera. (We had MEGA storms this day.)

Stormy SOC

Two edited versions I did using two different apps (Edited in my Iphone).


Stormy Saturated

Straight out of camera.

Sara's flower SOC


I've dedicated a set on my Flickr page to these ....I'll try to confine the myriads of experiments that are sure to come to that area~

Happy Monday (aren't you glad it's over???)



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