On Your Feet!

Finally, on my feet...What a great way to start a blog! I'm finally getting over the flu I've had for the past week and ready to start new things... and this is definitely new for me. Writing words that will appear in cyberspace is a little daunting for someone who has never done so, but here I am!

I'm Adrienne, and Andewyn Designs is my business where I sell handmade jewelry and accessories. I hope to keep anyone interested up to date with new designs, new happenings, new anything to do with my shop. And speaking of that shop, check it out at
www.andewyndesigns.etsy.com. There is also a link on this page with pictures (Etsy is so cool!) .

So in a future post I'll include an update on the metalsmith classes I've been taking and also on the studio I've been working on (yay!), and will hopefully be able to add some fun pictures of the materials I work with~

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