Ode to Smoky

Here’s a little ode to the mountains I love. Inspired by the backpacking trip I went on.

She’s called Verdant, because that was the feel up there. Verdant, lush, everything so GREEN. And so many shades. It was sensory overload in those hills and I loved every minute of it.

She’s crafted from sterling silver and one delightfully expressive moss agate cabochon. The inclusions, oh the inclusions! It appears as if little bits of grass were trapped inside during this stone’s development… Absolutely swoon worthy~ If I remember correctly, I did do a little jig when I found these cabs in one of my favorite supplier’s bins. She just smiled at me..Mary’s used to my antics by now~

Also inspired by Appalachia are The Depths of Maggie, composed of sterling silver and prehnite:

Their name is a little tribute to Maggie Valley, that sweet little town tucked away in the North Carolina side of the Smokies. I’m telling you, there’s nothing like those mountains… so many treasures around every corner.

I hear her song constantly even though I’m three hours away… Some of my favorite days are spent getting lost and then finding my way again on her windy, twisty roads.

Whenever I arrive I can hear her whispering, “Welcome home”.

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