Natchez, Oh Natchez

I love road trips. Long road trips winding through mountains, along the coast, through the country with the cows winking hello and goodbye, and the desert where so many imaginings are born in that beautiful sunset over the distant mountains.

Well, when I can't go on a long road trip with all of these settings as my friend, I can at least have some of them. I love driving in Tennessee because there are so many different places with country, forests, lakes, hills rolling along and all the lovely animals that can be seen strolling along the side of the road (hopefully not on the road!)

I took the photo in the side bar to the left here of wild turkeys I found while driving along the Natchez Trace, which is one of my favorite drives. I love wild turkeys with their funny strut and their companionable ways, you'll usually see them in packs. I've been told I should enter that photo in a contest for the Tennessee Wildlife Calendar, and I'm flattered that anyone thinks that a picture I took could even gain ground with the talented people that are likely to be submitting. I haven't decided yet, but I do love that photo and it will always remind me of what a great afternoon I spent out on the Natchez.

Happy Friday!


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