Moss Agate Love

I've been in the process of planning new designs and thinking of the stones to be featured in them. Moss agate is one that I plan to use soon, so I did a short video to share some of my favorites from my collection. Do you see any here that you'd like to see in a piece of jewelry? Let me know, I'd love to hear from you!





  • Andewyn Moon


    Thanks so much for your comment! I will be making a necklace with that stone. It will be released with the second phase of The Verdant Season Collection. I’ll be announcing the release date for the second phase in the coming weeks.

  • Amelia Haworth

    I love love your work. The moss agate teardrop in the middle is beautiful, would love to have a necklace with it, let me know if thats a possibility!! Be well

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