Midnight in the Sahara

I dreamt I spent a day and night in the Sahara Desert. You wouldn’t believe the things I saw there….. or maybe you would. Every minute was full of strange and new experiences. Every minute was a struggle to survive.

I met people there who showed me what I must do to survive. They were helpful and a little amused that I would show up in the desert without the things I would need and the knowledge I must have to survive. Maybe amused is not the word.

When it turned to night, everything changed. The unbelievably scorching temperatures fell to freezing and the landscape appeared to shift with the moonlight. I could see shadows across the sand, some moving and others immobile, but towering. It was terrifying and exciting at the same time.

When I woke I had images imprinted in my memory, but more in impressions and feelings. I had to translate them somehow.

The Midnight in Sahara earrings are the tale of the journey in abstract pictures I drew, and then etched into the copper’s surface. The shapes of the earrings are reminiscent of the shadows in the landscape I saw.

Tribal and rugged in their aesthetic, these have become a turning point for me with my work. I’ve begun to see a clearer direction with what I’ve been designing lately and the universe and the elements within it are what drive me to create. The earth, space with its stars, galaxies and mysteries. I never get tired of seeing and experiencing nature, the mountains, the beaches and oceans, the forests, the creatures, and the changing landscapes. There’s so much there for inspiration. It never stops being amazing.

Something else amazing. We have freezing temperatures in Tennessee right now with no sign that it’s going to let up any time soon, and it’s snowing. We have cold weather here but this is not usual at all. I went for a short (short!) ride yesterday with my buddy Arthur the horse and it was freezing even in the arena!

I’m ready for spring, are you?


*Note*: The photo above of the Sahara is from this Flickr member: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ruba/

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