In retrospect

I came across one of my very first pieces the other day in the studio....

When  I see this girl, it takes me back to my first pair of pliers... my hands moving past the awkard stage, becoming more adept.  Learning the lengths of wire required to make a closed loop or a spiral, and the different gauges best used for different components (this was also before I learned the use of a torch).  It was a dawning of understanding that I had in my hands and heart the ability to create something unique, artistic (this still makes me giddy to think about), wearable (as in other people might like to wear something I made! WHEEE!) and it also gave me a way to incoporate my love of,  and pay homage to, the natural world...anyway I saw fit (which also makes me giddy).

It was such a freeing feeling.

I don't think I'll ever let this girl go...She represents so much, reminding me of where I began and how far I've come.... and also of other things that I may sometimes forget.  Sometimes I need the nudge.

I took a walk outside yesterday, and it was such a beautiful day. The birds were singing. The humidity was low (THANK GOODNESS!). And it just brought a smile to my face.  I want to share the love!  So, I'm having a little sale in the Etsy store for my Facebook friends....You should check it out...This is a great time to get a piece you may have had your eye on~

Thanks so much for stopping in my dear blog friends! I was telling my good friend Natalie about the wonderfulness of this community....You all make the sun come out... and the moon too, I hope someday I can do the same for you (oooh, a rhyme!)~

xo luvs,


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