If I had a remote control car

While scrolling through the Facebook pages yesterday, I came across this awesome video by Chris McLennan.  A pride of lions and their interaction with a remote control car strapped with a Nikon camera.  The results were amazing.  

The looks on their faces....wow!  So up close and personal.

I've also begun the clean up on this little beauty.  She's called Secret Garden.  One of my favorite books growing up.


She's constructed from a wonderfully gemmy natural amethyst, sterling silver and my dreams of a secret garden that I will claim as mine.  Someday. Soon. Secret Garden also holds some wonderfully secret details that will be revealed when her photoshoot is complete.

She will be in the store just as soon as I can get photographs done and a description written.

Thanks for an amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend!

I hope Tuesday is treating you well.



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