Glitter and Rocks

When I was a child, I spent hours and hours collecting rocks. Anywhere they could be found: the gravel driveway, the riverbed, treks through the pastures and running along the creeks. I always had my eyes open and ready to catch the first glimpse of the stones I was going to bring home with me and put into my red lunch pail that housed my precious collection.

I found out recently that my mom held onto that collection for me, all these years! (aww mom!)

This weekend I attended the Intergalactic Bead Show in Nashville. I love this show, there are some awesome vendors there every time~

This year I me
t a man who is a lapidary artist, and the word is DEFINITELY artist. His work had me gazing at his setup for ages and ages. I didn’t take pictures of the finished stones that I bought from him, but they’ll soon be making their way onto this blog in future work.

I do have pictures of some of the unfinished stones I got from him. I was fascinated and riveted to this area, shuffling through the bins to find the next hidden treasure.
He told me that he included these unfinished but tumbled rocks in his set up for people to look through because there ARE some great finds. And look at what I found:

This one has a painting of the desert in it. Can you see the sand and the lines where sky and land meet? (It's topsy turvy, but imagine it flipped the other way around!)

This one looks almost like a paisley print.

These three look like they were once part of the same stone but became separated. The colors!

A close up… Oh the colors!

A few more that caught my eye and will show up here in the future. A few of these the kind man picked out for me. I was so happy to meet another person as fascinated by rocks as I am~

New work is coming soon to be debuted on this little blog ~o~ mine~



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