For Jupiter

For Jupiter



A message for my boy who has crossed the bridge and is on to a new adventure.

My sweet boy, my precious Jupiter, I have been so blessed to have you as companion. You have been there with me through some of the biggest transitions of my life. You witnessed it all and loved me through them all. You are love, the pure essence of unconditional love and I have been so blessed by your light.

Every soul who ever had the chance to meet you was blessed by your sweet nature, you kissingest of cats, you possessor of the most beautiful pur I ever heard or will ever hear, you, the greatest of snugglers.

And I have loved you, my ginger and white kitten, sent to me from the stars and born of my childhood dreams. Your name was written before we ever met, sent to me by way of song. The knowledge that we belonged together was known as soon as I laid eyes on you. You knew it too, as you crossed the kennel at the rescue, gifting me for the first time with your distinct voice I came to love and am missing so terribly right now.

What a life we have had together. It doesn't need to be said that I'll never forget you. But I'll say it anyway. You know how your mama is.

I love you my sweet boy. My baby Jupiter. You are always and forever in my heart.

Jupiter Sanders
October 2003 - March 16, 2021

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