Featured Artist: Alex Pearson

The featured artist this time around is Alex Pearson, a designer and illustrator who helps to bring a client’s vision and capabilities to the consumer. In his own words: “Basically I draw pictures all day. Ok not all day, but there is some of that going on. I take clients’ visions and put them under my pillow, shape them, mold them and figure out the best way to make them a reality, which just so happens to usually involve beautiful imagery.”

Illustration for the KEXP Seattle Radio Station

Alex’s wonderful imagery has been used in many varied ways, in fields all across the board.
Illustration for Lipstick Magazine article.

He recently provided art direction, graphic design and some photography for Nashville Arts & Entertainment Magazine, a repeat gig for him and his company, Familytree Design and Illustration (they also worked on the 2008 issue!)

As I said before, his work is varied:

Wedding invitations Alex designed using a spring theme:

The couple wanted non-traditional and as you can see Alex nailed the design~

He’s also completed branding and identity overhauls for companies, helping the company to relay their message to the buyer in a visually creative way:

Some of us who are sellers of handmade may overlook the importance of branding, but it is a crucial element in communicating to your potential buyer who you are and what you bring to the table.

Familytree works with you to get that message across in an indelible way!

For more from Familytree and Alex, check out his website here: http://familytreedesign.net/ He also has a blog and a Twitter account ~

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