Dream Weaver Season

It’s Dream Weaver Season at Andewyn Moon and the first pieces from the collection are slowly making their way to the store. 

I’ve had the itch to make chains lately and I experimented extensively with my stamp collection to find the right impression for this necklace just released.


Sterling silver and amethyst forged .925 silver choker adjustable necklace




This one has an ancient presence.   Born of my musings on meditation, journeying, astral projection, hedge riding.  The experience of going beyond the physical and discovering the infinity of a universe.  This amethyst seemed to be the place where these thoughts coalesced and then the design emerged.

I’m smitten with the different ways this necklace can be worn.  My favorite is this:


Amethyst and sterling silver necklace


I haven’t worn a choker since the 90s, but this one has me wanting to create and wear more.


To see more photos and discover more of the fine details of this piece, tap this link 


I’m still working with gorgeous amethyst for the next little while and I’ll be releasing pieces as I go along. I’ve decided to pull back from the big collection drops, so I’m experimenting with different ways of releasing this work.  

If you have a suggestion or a preference, I’d love to get your feedback.



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