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I’ve heard it said recently that there are people who are a little afraid of signing up on Etsy and shopping online. I can understand the fear, because a few years ago I used have it too. But once I did my research and found out how the safety features work and how to tell if a website is secure or not, I jumped right in. Now, I’m all about the online shopping! You can shop for anything practically anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home or wherever you happen to be that has an internet connection (like coffee shops or Panera… Oh, how I love Panera…but here I begin to digress). I will stress that you MUST check the website’s privacy policy (If they are taking your information, they SHOULD have one) and make sure that it IS a secure site.

This being said… Etsy has all of these safety features and more, AND they are very diligent about keeping your information secure. If you run into any problems, they will help you resolve any issues that need to be attended to. And as for selection…you will find an absolute treasure trove of artists from all around the world who are talented beyond belief. If I begin to sound like an Etsy cheerleader here, it’s because I have bought from Etsy sellers and had wonderful experiences all around. If there is ever an issue, Etsy is fast to act and work to resolve it.

These are my experiences and opinions that I wanted to share for those who may be wary of the online shopping experience as I once was. You should definitely do your research on a website before you shop with them. I hope that my experiences will help with your decision to sign up with Etsy. And if you do decide to ... why here’s a handy little link!

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