After an incredibly intense past two weeks...

After an incredibly intense past two weeks I'm happy to finally share this piece I was commissioned to create. 

I very rarely do commissions, but when my friend Nikkole asked me to create a bolo for her partner, Mike, for Valentine's Day and told me I had free reign on the design I said yes.

We talked about the symbols in nature Mike is drawn to, the stones he connects with (props to Nikkole for getting his stone preference so stealthily!) and also the man Mike is.  In our community, Mike is known as a fierce activist and a truth speaker. He's also a wonderful musician whose live show brings that good energy. As a couple these two gorgeous souls have created an impact that has been felt profoundly in our little town and in the wider world. 

So for the setting on this piece I decided on a wolf calling to the pack,  galvanizing them for the good work ahead.

The stone Mike was most drawn to is this piece of Wildhorse Magnesite I've had for ages.  I knew it was destined for a special piece.

It was such an honor, Nikkole and Mike!

The last photos are of Mike and Nikkole and Mike on Valentine's Day wearing his new bolo.

Wolf Bolo Tie
Wolf Bolo Tie 2


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