By Adrienne on 2014-09-03

August has been a month of making changes for me.  In so many areas of my life.  Holding on and letting go.

One part of letting go was moving from the house that I've called home for nigh on 10 years.  The nostalgia is real.  So many things happened in that house.  It's where I discovered jewelry making and metalsmithing.  It's where I honed those skills and discovered the path to owning my own business, being my own boss.  So much growth and transformation happened there... Letting go of a path that ultimately was not right for me.  Understanding that letting go of that way and forging my own path, listening to and really understanding what my soul has always known somehow, is not the way to perdition.  

The transformation is and was an incredible journey, but something about those things, those memories and ghosts of letting go, were holding me in place.
This next chapter is full of hope, goals, wishes, dreams to be brought to fruition, and most importantly, love. The next chapter of Andewyn Jewelry promises to be full of inspiration and many new facets of expressing creatively.

I can't wait to see all that happens.



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