Branching out

I've been mulling over the idea ....for over a YEAR now (or thereabouts), to turn my photographs into postcards, prints, etc.... I just haven't had time to fully turn the idea into a reality. The thing is, I love taking pictures.  Love it.  In the mountains, when Jacki and I go hiking, in my own backyard....I'm always finding things that I feel are photo worthy.  I love the process of finding the angle to make them come alive when they're captured for a moment in time.  

Of course, I did find this love for photography because of jewelry....I learned early on that if you're going to sell anything online, you better have REALLY good photos....otherwise you're not going to be selling much. So I went about learning how. At first it was a pain.  Figuring out how to use macro, learning the angles to make such small pieces stand out on the screen.  It  was a long and sometimes painful process (probably because I'm self taught and had a whole lot of trial and error), but I came out the other side and when I did, I found this love for photography.  Now I'm always fascinated by the images other photographers create...Not just because they're beautiful or interesting.... but HOW they made it happen...  How were they standing, WERE they standing (laying down and shooting provides a wonderful perspective sometimes), the angles that they decide to use....etc.  All of this has been helping me in this journey. And best of all, as with jewelry, I'm pretty sure there's always going to be something to learn... No stagnation!  

Anyway....I'm working on this new idea with Jacki who has given me some wonderful input (she's an amazing and inspiring artist), and hope to be bringing it out really soon.  I'd love to hear about YOUR photography journey...especially jewelers, but everybody really.  Because I know a lot of jewelers like me learned out of necessity (who can really afford to have someone take product photography every time you want to list something on your website????)  Do you love photography and the process now?  Or is it a necessary evil?  I'd love to hear~



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