Back from NYC

Oh the joys of returning to reality…. There’s nothing like driving home from the airport to jolt you back to where you’ll be for the next little while and what you’ve just left behind.

New York, Brooklyn in particular, was incredible. I had a wonderful time with my friends, meeting new people trying new and different foods (Peruvian anyone?), examining the loveliness of brownstones (oh, the character!) and walking, walking, walking! I LOVED it!

The whole attitude up there is completely different from where I call home. And it’s a nice little change and experience for this girl from Tennessee. The diversity and mobility were a couple of things I really appreciated. I will say that while I loved it, I’ll only be visiting there (frequently)… I’m a southern girl at heart, and while I do hear the call of the north now, ringing gently in my ears calling me back for another sweet little visit, I can’t escape my longing for rolling hills and an abundance of green and growing things….

As I said in the beginning of this belated update, I’m back to reality, and that’s not such a bad thing really… I found that I received a special request in the shop, which is a special little treat as it’s the first one I’ve ever gotten… Thanks a bunch, dear (you know who you are!).

I’m hard at work in the studio, ideas blooming and fingers flying to keep up, so keep an eye out for new things soon.

Bye for now~


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