Andewyn Men

When I first started creating jewelry, I always wanted to create for women AND men… I knew that there were guys out there that love jewelry and wouldn’t mine having something handmade… Jewelry, after all, has been worn by males through the ages… its not designated for women only, guys have a right to their expressions of adornment too!

So with all that being said, I’m introducing today my line for men called (you guessed it!) Andewyn Men, AM for short. I’ve been running around to the guys I know and getting opinions on some of my ideas that I’ve come up with… They’ve told me when I went a little too far afield for their tastes and conversely, when I hit the nail squarely on the head… My thanks to you all, you know who you are!

Linked with his rough and rugged circles:

Hardwear (my favorite!)

One of these guys was Rob, who has been a tremendous help and encouragement since the beginning of Andewyn Designs. He’s helped me with photography and photo editing, etc. and just the little encouraging words that keep a girl going when the going gets a little rough with this whole having a business thing. He’s the model I’ve used in these first photos of my first pieces…. Very striking, yes? I’m happy with the way these turned out (Thanks Robbie!).

I’ll be adding to this line in the coming days and weeks, this is just a start…. Let me know what you think!


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